MBFY Teacher Samantha Brennan
MBFY Teacher Samantha Brennan

I started practicing yoga while studying for my undergraduate degree in Biology at my college’s fitness center. I used it as a way to find peace, relaxation, and clarity from studying and the chaos of daily life.  In addition, as the group exercise manager and instructor of sculpting and spinning classes, I thought yoga would be a good complement to my exercise routine.

I fell in love with the practice and also started practicing Bikram Yoga at a local studio. When I returned home for summer break from college, I saw that a hot power vinyasa studio following the Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga Method opened near my home. I decided to try a class never having practiced power vinyasa before.

I did not realize at this time that the day I walked into Mind Body Flow Yoga in 2012, my life would forever be transformed.
I learned so much about myself through the process of practicing at Mind Body Flow Yoga. I learned that I am stronger than I could have ever imagined (mentally and physically).

I learned to not be afraid of making a mistake, to take risks and yes, fall both on and off my mat only to get back up and try again.

I learned to let go of anything that does not serve me, clearing my mind of the chatter and filling it with my breath instead.

I learned that not only do I feel an inner peace during class, but I can also carry this wonderful feeling throughout the rest of my day.

I learned that life so closely resembles my practice on my mat. There are difficult poses and times in your life, but by finding your breath, believing in yourself, and surrounding yourself with a community of like-minded people, anything is possible.

Samantha Brennan (center) at Art of Assisting training.
Samantha Brennan (center) at Art of Assisting training.

I am now home at Daemen College studying to receive my doctorate in physical therapy. I have been teaching yoga for about a year now and after telling myself:

  1. Be a YES!
  2. Give up what I must.
  3. I am ready NOW!

I attended Baron Baptiste’s level 1 training early August, 2014. I am forever grateful to Marina, Mind Body Flow Yoga, and the Baptiste method for opening up my life allowing me to shine brighter both on and off my mat.

I always leave each class feeling inspired. It is my dream to heal, inspire, empower, and free others by opening up their life through teaching yoga.

What a Student Said About Sam

When Sam speaks she exudes confidence, love & peace. Her voice is so calming. Her smile, contagious. She challenges & coaches her yogis to be stronger. Love taking her classes & most of all love the inspirational msg at the end of class. So glad I’m part of MBFY!! ~Ameet Beltz

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