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MBFY Teacher Tarah Frey
MBFY Teacher Tarah Frey

Having been active all my life with various forms of exercise, before trying it, I had never considered yoga as a necessity. Now, I cannot imagine my life without it. I first discovered the tremendous power of yoga in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 2007 at the Amazing Yoga studio. I journeyed into this Hot Power Yoga class that was packed with students, and I remember feeling so unsecure and out of my element. I had no experience, but my friends assured me that I would be fine. As I moved through my first practice, thoughts were racing through my mind – “why is everyone breathing so loudly”, “I can’t believe how much I am sweating”, “why are we holding this pose for so long”, etc. Somehow through all the internal chatter, I found a peace I had never experienced before. I was hooked.
After that first class, I practiced regularly, read about yoga and dreamed of one day becoming a teacher myself. However, I graduated and took a position with the University instead of pursuing teacher training. Between 2010 and 2012, my husband’s job moved us to Louisiana and then West Virginia. During this time, I was unable to find a studio based in the Baptiste Power Vinyasa style. Although I incorporated at-home practices, it simply was not the same freeing experience of practicing with a class full of other students with an inspiring teacher guiding the way. I missed it desperately.
In December 2012, we had an opportunity to relocate and finally settle in my husband’s hometown, Buffalo. One of our first tasks was to find a local yoga studio. I was so eager to re-join a yoga community so much so, that as a Christmas gift, my husband surprised me with a pass to Mind Body Flow Yoga before we even moved here. He also encouraged me to finally pursue my dream and complete a yoga teacher training. In January, I completed the Level I Power Vinyasa Yoga teacher training at the same studio where I first discovered this life-changing practice. It was a tremendous experience and opportunity of growth both on and off my mat.
When I walked through the door of Mind Body Flow Yoga, I had no idea what a beautiful community I was joining, nor did I realize where it would lead. The serenity and clarity that I missed from a routine studio practice while relocating immediately returned. The emotion and release I now feel on my mat is much deeper than what I ever experienced in my practice. With each practice, I am learning to let go of the urge to control and overthink. I am learning to be more present and not allow worry, stress or anxiety to steal my mind and true presence from my loved ones. Each day, I am more patient and gentle with myself and all of those around me as a direct result of the transformation that happens when I step onto my mat.
I am beyond words with gratitude for the opportunity to share my passion of this healing practice with others, in hopes that they too are as touched by the practice and experience their own personal growth and enrichment through their yoga journey.

What a Student Said About Tarah

I am fairly new to the Mind Body Flow Yoga studio. Sometimes when you come to a new studio, it can be intimidating. From the first Saturday morning I walked in, I was welcomed warmly by Tarah and Marina. When I take Tarah’s class on Saturday mornings, I leave feeling energized and feel like I spent time with a friend. Tarah is a great teacher. I like the pace she sets for the class, changes things up so you are not bored, keeps it challenging and fun, and always gives some much needed adjustments. I really look forward to seeing Tarah’s gorgeous smile on the weekend!!
~Pattie Daniels

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