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MBFY Teacher Molly

I came to yoga as a teenager, by way of ballet. During my years as a dancer, yoga helped me stay focused and fit, but at that time, I didn’t fully understand its impact.
When I left the dance world in my early twenties, I took yoga with me. Yoga continued to help me overcome injuries, body-image issues, life changes, depression- anything that life threw at me, yoga was there. No matter what I asked of yoga, it just kept giving. How could I not share that with others?
After exploring and practicing a multitude of yoga styles, I first completed 200 hours of Vinyasa training in 2004 and 200 hours of Kundalini training in 2005. After teaching for several years, Baptiste Power Yoga became my personal practice. Baptiste Yoga felt like home in my body, my mind, and my spirit. It aligned with everything I feel about people choosing and being accountable for empowering themselves and in turn empowering others and moving beyond what we think we are “supposed to be,” because somebody said so.
I felt that teaching Baptiste Yoga would be most authentic because it was my practice. I then attended Foundations in Action with Baron Baptiste in 2013, Baptiste Level 1 in 2014, Art of Assisting in 2015 and a host of other Baptiste short programs. I continue on my path to becoming a certified Baptiste teacher and have recently completed another 200 hour teacher training at Breathe Yoga- a Baptiste Affiliate studio- in Rochester, New York.
My classes are challenging, inspirational and fun- sometimes even filled with laughter- as I assist people in building a practice that is structurally sound and right for their bodies.
Mostly, I believe that each person chooses the outcome of their practice, while offering support and encouragement along the way in helping them to see that they are more capable and powerful than they realize.
I am beyond thrilled and honored to be a part of the Mind Body Flow Yoga community and teaching team and look forward to being with you on the mat!

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