About Mary

MBFY Teacher Mary Oyler
MBFY Teacher Mary Oyler

My yoga journey began in April of 2012 at a neighbor’s backyard bonfire.  Someone mentioned they needed to begin a summer exercise routine, the subject of yoga was raised, and I remembered a flyer in my mailbox announcing the opening of Mind Body Flow Yoga near our neighborhood.  I was training for a half marathon, and at the time I thought yoga was a lot of sitting around and stretching, so it seemed like it would be a compliment to my running.
When a friend and I walked into Marina’s Open Flow class a few days later, little did I know what an impact it would have on my life.  As I sat on my rental yoga mat waiting for class to begin, my biggest concern was not being flexible enough for yoga.  I was also concerned about having had knee surgery and would my knee limit my abilities in class.  Both concerns proved to be groundless.  Class began, and as I moved through the rhythm and flow of Vinyasa Yoga, I was amazed at the changes that quickly took place in my body and mind.  The next day, I bought a yoga mat and began to practice a few times a week.  Two weeks after my first class, I ran my half marathon feeling strong in body and mind.
As my practice progressed from a few days a week to six days a week, I began to consider teaching yoga.  In August of 2013, I trained with Baron Baptiste in the Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga method and completed Level 1 Power Vinyasa teacher training.  In November of 2013, I will attend the Baptiste program, Art of Assisting.
Today, yoga is so much more to me than a form of exercise.  It has given me the opportunity to form deep bonds and friendships with fellow practitioners, and to experience a true yoga family.  I hope to share my passion for yoga and inspire others through teaching, so that they too can experience the peace and joy that yoga can bring to the body and to the mind.

What a Student Said About Mary

Mary is a Body Goddess. A Body Wizard. A Body Genius.
I marvel at the way she takes us from one pose to the next, each perfect graceful transitions, taking me into poses I’m surprised I can make.
I love the variety of movements she takes us through each class. They seem like candy to me — a new and happy surprise time and again.
Her attitude is completely positive and encouraging, and her sense of humor is impish and free.
I am so grateful to Mary and her body wizardly ways.
~Cynthia Endres

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