Hilary Horvatits

My yoga journey began in 2014 in Nashville, Tennessee at a Baptiste studio on Music Row.  Partway through my first class, I fell face first out of crow pose – my nose took the brunt of the fall. I walked around campus with a fat, purple bruise on the bridge of my nose for a good week.

After overcoming my fear of falling, I jumped back into yoga two years later at the same studio, tired of cardio and bored of strength training.  Yoga became a growing part of my identity as I navigated through the rest of college; by the time I graduated from Vanderbilt University, I attended yoga consistently and had finally nailed my crow pose.

Yoga remained a large part of my life in the first two years after college, from Washington D.C. to Buffalo to Nashville, where I completed my RYT200 in April 2019 at the studio where I began my yoga journey.

Through my teacher training, I was reminded of the beauty and power of this practice.  My practice has given me a host of benefits over the years, shifting with time: yoga has helped me soothe anxious thoughts, release pain and tension, and given me the chance to join a community of supportive, interesting, and inspiring people.  Now, I hope to share this practice with others around me in hope that they will find joy, vitality, acceptance – it’s an endless list of possibility.  My goals as a teacher are to bring joy to class and serve as a guide for others to recognize and feel empowered in their greatness.


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