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MBFY Teacher Christina Zwirecki
MBFY Teacher Christina Zwirecki

I have always believed that those who aspire to greatness are surrounded by people who allow them to be great.  It was on the morning of September 4, 2012 that my journey to greatness began.  I put my three children on the school bus for their first day of school.  It was the first time in several years that I was not rushing off to my first day of school as well.
Due to a significant fiscal crisis in the school district that I was employed by, I was notified five months prior that I was losing my job.  Though it was expected, after almost 10 years of devoted service to my district and a 14 year teaching career that I loved, I was truly devastated.  My 40th birthday was just around the corner and when I thought I finally had my life in order I suddenly found myself in a dark place filled with anger, confusion, anxiety and fear.
Around the same time that all of this was happening in my life I noticed that a yoga studio had just opened up around the corner from my home.  The name of the studio, Mind Body Flow Yoga, sparked my immediate interest.  My “mind” was definitely unsettled, my “body” was completely out of shape, and the word “flow” just sounded so peaceful.  Each time I drove by, I’d drive a little bit slower with hopes of catching a glimpse of someone walking in or out of the studio.  One time, I even tried to peek through the window even though I knew it was closed.  Something about Mind Body Flow Yoga kept gnawing at my curiosity.  In hindsight, it must have been fate.
Soon after that, I recall being at a party and someone asking me something to the effect of, “What are you going to do now that you won’t be working in the Fall?”  I responded without even thinking, “I’m going to do yoga.”
The studio was warm on the September morning of my first practice, but it was Marina’s radiant smile, sincere enthusiasm and passion that warmed me the most.  She welcomed me with open arms, but more importantly she welcomed me with an open heart.  That day, though Marina was speaking to a group, I felt as though her words were intended just for me. “Breath in what you need,” she said.  “Let go of what doesn’t serve you.”  “Know that there is nothing to fix.”  “Be a yes.”
At the close of my first practice, my life began to transform.  I walked out the door and wondered, “What if I did let go of what didn’t serve me in my life?”  “What if I could surrender control?”  “What if I really tried to stop fixing everything?”  “What if I WAS a yes?”
It was this beautiful curiosity that inspired me to go back for more, and more, and more.  By my 40th birthday, I had lost 18 lbs; but, I had gained so much more.  I had more energy for my children and husband.  I began to approach each day with excitement.  I was no longer afraid of things that I could not control.  My stress level decreased.  My physical strength and flexibly improved dramatically, and I began to develop more confidence and self-esteem both on and off the mat.  I had officially fallen in love with the practice.
Letting go of what didn’t serve me allowed me to make space for something new in my life.  Shortly after the new year, I decided to take my journey one step further and I registered for teacher training.  I couldn’t think of a better way to join my love of the practice with my never ending passion for teaching.  In August of 2013, I completed Level I Baptiste Yoga Teacher Training at the Menla Mountain Retreat in the Catskill Mountains.  Words cannot describe the impact that this experience had on my life.  Baptiste training took my journey one step further by teaching me how to tap into my inner power and to use it to inspire others to reach new levels of possibility.
Almost exactly one year since the date of my first yoga practice, I am humbled and honored to join the MBFY family as an instructor.  I could not have achieved this goal without the love, support, and inspiration from my husband Joe, my beautiful children Jacob, Thomas, and Lauren, and the entire staff and community at Mind Body Flow Yoga.
I am committed to growing with you and learning from you as we embark on our journey to greatness together.  I invite you all to join me as a “yes” and I thank you for blessing me with this beautiful opportunity.

What a Student Said About Christina

When I first came to MBFY a little over a year ago, I was hoping for something that would help my stress level, manage the effects of a chronic illness I have, and benefit my overall health.
I wasn’t sure I could even DO yoga but I was eager to try. My very first class at MBFY was a Foundation Flow class (which matches my speed perfectly!) with Christina. She asked me the right questions and understood that I have intermittent physical challenges that may impact how I practice yoga.
Throughout that first class Christina offered and demonstrated modifications that made each exercise possible. My goal that night was to get through that class alive and, to my surprise, I was very much alive. I felt great!
I addition to being so knowledgeable about yoga practice, Christina is very supportive and offers encouraging words to her students throughout her classes.
She shows that she is aware of our individual experience level and our place in our particular practices by reminding us not to feel we need to do anything more than we can do.
At the same time, she pushes us to do just a little more while still emphasizing that we need to respect our limits.
She makes it ok to be wherever we are, not to compare ourselves with the person next to us.
It is obvious that Christina wants each of her yoga students to thrive in their practice. More importantly, she reminds us to take away from each class whatever it is we need and leave behind what we do not.
And, if all we can do is focus on breathing, than that should be our intention for the evening.
What a great life lesson!
Thank you Christina.
~Terrie Kasprzak

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