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My deep love for yoga began in August of 2011.  I started my practice slow, taking beginner classes and slowly ventured into other classes.  In the years since I began my practice I have learned so much about myself and about my interactions with others.
When I first started attending classes, my eyes would dart around the room.  I would compare myself to those around me and I’d watch incredible students moving into seemingly impossible versions of the poses that I was just learning and I’d think “there is no way I will ever be able to do that”.  I was so in-my-head that there was no “yoga” happening on my mat.  There was me, comparing, judging and criticizing myself while I shuffled from pose to pose.  It was a workout at most.
Then one day, I landed and I realized that if I wanted to grow on my mat I had to look within, not around me.  By letting go of the comparison, I found my own body and more importantly I found my inspiration. I was inspired by everyone and everything around me.  Those that I was previously competing with in my head, became my peers and my family.  The space became an oasis and the sounds carried me fluidly in and out of poses.  My mat became a place of peace and serenity.  Regardless of what is happening in my daily life, every time I come to my mat I feel grounded and I gain a sense of clarity.  Yoga has taught me that I am capable of anything I put my mind to, even those poses that I used to think I would never be able to do.  Thru yoga I have become more compassionate and patient with those in my daily life.  I have learned to live authentically without judgment or comparison.  I’ve learned to be accepting of what is and not try to change it.  The power of practicing yoga leaves me in a state of astonishment.
In January of 2013, I craved more knowledge and continued growth in my practice so I signed up for Level 1 training with Baron Baptiste.  When I left for training in August 2013 I was unsure about where it would take me and whether or not I even wanted to teach.  At training I realized that life is too short to not pursue something that I am passionate about.  I realized by teaching yoga I have the potential to touch people’s lives by inspiring them to find their own greatness, just like I had.  So, as I embark on this teaching journey my hope is that I am much more than just an instructor to my students.  I strive to inspire my students and to give them the tools that they need to grow to the point where they too astonish themselves.

What a Student Said About Carrie

As someone who has not been practicing long, and can still be anxious before class, Carrie is just the kind of teacher I need. She keeps me coming back! She is always upbeat, encouraging, and always makes it a fun and rewarding time!! She works us hard, but in a good way. Thanks Carrie for being a caring and always supportive teacher! You truly embrace Yoga in both mind and body!!
~Joyce Brewer

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