Our Second Deep Restorative Yin Yoga Workshop – A Beautiful Experience

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Marina providing hands-on assistance

On Saturday, January 24th, Christine and I, co-taught MBFY’s second Deep Restorative Yin Yoga Workshop, and wow…
We are left completely amazed by it, just as we were when we first held it, this past September! I’ve had the pleasure of co-teaching a number of workshops with the MBFY teaching team in our almost 3 years and there is such a deep witnessing of peace, calm, and serenity at this workshop. It feels magical almost.
The group of yogis that attended this workshop (some returning for the second time around) walked in eager and ready to take on detoxing, stretching, and getting in deep.
The number of people who attested to quieting their mind, letting go, relaxing, realizing the power the breath has to create ease, and the way in which people floated out of the studio with smiles and a state of relaxation written all over their faces was just incredible!
Christine and I left this workshop totally lit up and inspired! We thank you for your interest, support, and for being such beautiful lights. This appears to be one of our most popular workshops, as we again, received requests to hold this workshop again. It’s our hope to do so again in the near future. Stay tuned. 🙂
 See photos from the workshop below and what students had to say:

Here’s what students had to say about this workshop:

It was just so perfect. The 2.5 hours flew by!

My favorite part of the workshop was the sense of community.

The emphasis on moving mindfully and maintaining presence was encouraging when holding tougher poses.

The assists from Marina were great.

Loved the whole thing!

The hands on approach works!

My favorite part of the workshop was holding poses for longer periods of time.

I loved the length of the pose holds and the pacing of the whole workshop. It was so perfect!

The instruction by both Marina and Christine…together they are what makes this workshop successful, I think. The calmness in their voices – no judgement and of course, Marina’s soft but powerful hands and guidance!

Awesome and perfect! I just started working with a trainer and this was a treat for the end of the week!

My favorite part was holding the stretches. It was great for my body to be able to experience different positions, knowing new limits I can set for myself.

Calming, restorative, and revealing for the mind. It truly felt like you just received a massage.

This was an immensely satisfying deep stretch that helped me to sink into the present moment. If I could do this workshop every few months, it would be incredibly beneficial. MBFY is a life changing place.

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