Why Yoga?

Let Yoga Help Get Your Life Back

I know that we all have greatness in us. It is the power to create, influence and connect with things, circumstances and other people. When we are at our best we are at peace, contagiously happy and generous.
Sadly, our greatness get’s covered up as life goes on. We let it get buried under a lot of clutter. An accumulation of life’s stresses, worries, doubts and frustration.
This clutter builds up in our lives. And we allow this to go on for way too long. We inevitable lose touch with our greatness. It’s forgotten, trivialized and made into a myth. With it gone how are we to have any sense of power, impact or purpose. Life just starts to happen to us. Our self worth becomes tied to things that don’t last. We spend our life defending and justifying these types of connection that only leave us empty.

Mind Body Flow Yoga students in Shavasana

In my life this meant linking my self worth to a dream. An idealized life I was so busy running after I didn’t have the time nor the energy to really enjoy anything else. It was a vague ideas of what my life should look like. It came complete with a version of myself I had no idea of reaching nor deserving.
I felt that I had a gap. When you feel a empty, be it hunger or thirst, you’re compelled to find something to satisfy it with. My search was for something I could fill my void with and be worthy of the ideal life. Become the ideal me. These thoughts were enough to keep me chasing this dream. I just kept stressing, worrying and getting more frustrated. The clutter just kept piling on. The weight I was carrying was simply an exhausting way to live, survive.
One day a dear friend reached out to me with an unexpected request. She asked me to join her at a local (Massachusetts) yoga class. It struck me as silly. She was though persistent with me and I am so happy that she was.
This was my first yoga experience and it was definitely outside of my comfort zone. It was hard. It was really hot. But it was so good afterwards. I count myself in her debt forever. She helped opened my eyes, mind and heart to something that was since then lost. I was reintroduced to the greatness within me.

…in just this short amount of time I can already feel the effects that yoga has had on my life physically, mentally and spiritually. I am beginning to see the strength and positive light that lives deep within me….~Stephanie S.

Since then yoga has become a large and appreciated part of my life. It has helped me slowly change for the better. It has improved my thoughts of myself, enhanced my relationship to God and how I relate/respond to situations and other people.
I know that I am a work in progress but also that I am well worth the effort.
Mind Body Flow Yoga was born to share this conviction as wide as possible and impact as many lives it can reach for the better.