What to do after your yoga class

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When class is finished, you can take a moment or two to yourself, or start packing up right away. Either way is completely fine.
Once you’re ready to leave, simply:

  • Return any borrowed yoga blocks or straps to the shelf in the back room
  • Put any of our towels (including the towel the instructor places on your forehead at the end of class) in the bin in the back room

Cleaning your yoga mat

We recommend cleaning your yoga mat after each class by spraying it with water or tea tree oil, and wiping it with a paper towel. There are paper towels on the shelf in the back room for you to use (please do not use the cloth hand towels on your mat). We also have spray bottles filled with either tea tree oil or water (look for the label on the bottle).

  • Tea tree oil is best for plastic-type mats, including our rental mats
  • Water is best for rubber-based thicker mats

If you’re not sure whether to use water or tea tree oil, just ask your instructor, or check with the manufacturer of your mat.
When you’re done with the paper towels, there are trash bins in the back room, bathroom, and by the front door.
If you rented a mat from our studio, simply return it to your instructor when you’re done.

Packing up

As you get ready to leave the studio:

  • Remember all of your personal belongings, including your water bottle
  • Pick up a printed class schedule at the front desk (you can also see the class schedule online)
  • Feel free to ask your instructor any questions about yoga, including questions about our upcoming events and special workshops

Throughout the day

Remember to drink water throughout the day, to rehydrate after class.

Stay informed and keep in touch

There are lots of ways to learn more and advance your practice, even when you’re not in class.

Practice at home with Mind Body Flow Yoga videos

Choose from full classes or specific lessons, as a DVD or with high-definition downloads. See all of our videos.

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