What to bring to yoga class

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What To Bring To Yoga Class Graphic
The good news is, you don’t have to bring anything to your yoga class, or yoga workshop, at Mind Body Flow Yoga — we have everything you need right here!
there are a few things you may still want to bring yourself, especially if you’re going to be practicing yoga on a regular basis.

1 – Water bottle

Since the studio is warm (usually 85-90 degrees), you’ll probably want some water before, during or after class. Most people bring their own water bottle. If you don’t have one, you can always buy a cold bottle of water before class for $1 — just ask your yoga instructor.

2 – Hand towel

A small hand towel is good for wiping away sweat from your face or arms. You can bring your own, or use one of our clean and soft complementary hand towels, which are always available in the back of the studio. If you do use one of ours, you’ll just put it in the hamper (also in the back of the studio) after class.

3 – Yoga mat

If you have your own yoga mat already, great! If not, you can always rent one here for just $1 per class. (A few people also use a thin towel on top of their yoga mat — you can find these online and in sporting goods stores.)

Tips on buying a yoga mat:
If you’re going to buy your own yoga mat to bring to class (which most people do), we recommend reading reviews and even asking other people in class how they like their mats. You’ll want to ask

  • how “sticky” the mat is (a stickier mat can help you hold poses),
  • how thick it is (thicker mats give you more cushioning)

and, of course, think about what color to get!

Typically, you’ll see a lot of people in class using mats from lululemon, Manduka, Jade and B Mat, but there is no “right” mat. Whatever works for you is perfect.


Pay for classes online or at the studio
You can pay for your classes ahead of time through our website, or pay in person when you come in for your first class.
Most new students sign up for our New Student Special ($20 for 10 consecutive days of unlimited yoga), but you can also choose from single classes, class passes or workshop passes. You can even buy gift certificates, either online or in person.
New Student Paperwork:
For your very first class, you’ll fill out a short form with your name and a few other details. You can print the form here, fill it out and bring it to your first class. Or, show up 10 minutes early to your first class and your yoga instructor will give you this form to fill out.

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