What Can I Eat Before My Power Yoga Class?

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Yoga Series - Common Newbie Questions
Be careful with what you eat before class.
You plan to create new shapes and movements with your body.
Some of them will involve twisting, hopping, stretching and having your head below your waist.
This is not the place or time to be light headed on one end or to feel sluggish or have digestive issues on the other end.

Make sure you have something to eat an hour to two hours before you practice.
Missed the hour mark and pressed for time? Grab a fruit or yogurt.
Also, don’t practice on an empty stomach.
When you are at the beginning of your yoga journey you have plenty to learn.

  • New postures
  • New words
  • New mental and emotional challenges
  • New movements
  • New ways to breath

You need to connect to all of the above while listening to your teacher for prompts.
You are setting yourself up for an unpleasant, distracted and disappointing experience if your are hungry, light headed or dizzy.
The key is to have something light that you can easily digest and be satisfied from without being weighted down.
As you do so, be kind to yourself – Avoid thick or oily foods.
Think of taking a hot yoga or power yoga class? Add spicy and spicy to the list.
You will thank me.

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