MBFY Teachers Share Thoughts On Their Anniversaries

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Happy-AnniversaryI find it hard to put into words just how much the teaching team at Mind Body Flow Yoga means to us. We have an incredible group of women who are passionate about their practice and sharing their love of the practice with our community. We are truly blessed by our devoted group of teachers.
Five of our MBFY instructors have hit the exciting milestone of their 1-year teaching anniversary this year. We congratulate and celebrate them, as they each share what their 1-year teaching anniversary at MBFY means to them…

ChristinaFrom Christina…
To my dear family at Mind Body Flow Yoga,
As I celebrate my first full year of teaching yoga, I want take the opportunity to thank each of you for the profound joy you bring me. Your kindness, compassion, dedication, and support is truly inspirational. You are all my greatest teachers.

TarahFrom Tarah…
It’s hard to believe that I have been teaching at Mind Body Flow Yoga for over a year, especially since it had been such a dream to even attend a teacher training. Every time I stand in front of a class, I feel so grateful and honored to share the practice I find so powerful. During class, I hope to guide others through their yoga practice as they drop negative thoughts and burdens and instead, fill their minds with an uplifting perspective.
Beyond the blessing of teaching, I have had the privilege of meeting so many kind, supportive and loving people through our yoga community. I have witnessed and experienced students and teachers rally around fellow yogis who are in need, rejoice in others’ exciting news and welcome new students with open arms. It is more than a mental and physical exercise. Yes, it is about turning inward, self-reflecting and moving with intention. In our practice, there is certainly sweat, strength building and improved flexibility. But more so, it is about relating to those around us, seeing our similarities and connecting with ourselves and one another.
Each class, I am so appreciative of the opportunity to lead a group of people who step onto their mats with an open mind through a practice that offers so much healing. Gratitude is so frequently the intention I set for my own practice. Gratitude is what I feel for all of those who practice beside me when I am on my mat and those who practice in front of me when I teach. I have learned so much about myself and this practice and look forward to continued growth on my yoga journey. Thank you for coming along on the ride with me.

CarrieFrom Carrie…
I have officially been a teacher at Mind Body Flow Yoga for just over one year. When I reflect back on the last year and what teaching has meant to me, I am so full of gratitude for this opportunity. It took a lot of courage for me to commit to teaching. At first, I was nervous and filled with self-doubt, much like my new students who walk through the door of MBFY. Early into my teaching, I learned to let go of my nerves and teach from my heart. By letting go of the “script” that had in my head, I was able to connect with my students and from that point on, I have found myself in continuous awe of the teaching process. Through this moving meditation, I have the great privilege of leading my students closer to themselves and watching them transform in front of my eyes. It is so beautiful to be in the presence of a breakthrough that is achieved through hard work, dedication, commitment and self-awareness. As I teach, I am in a constant state of learning from my students. My students have taught me how to incorporate empathy, compassion, patience, authenticity, endurance and bravery into my life both on and off the mat. I am inspired by my students every single day.

MaryFrom Mary…
This past year of teaching has added a whole new avenue to my own yoga journey. Watching others learn and grow their yoga practices is a very humbling experience, and it makes me thankful every day for my own physical abilities, regardless of limitations. Thank you to our wonderful yoga community for sharing your light, energy and continued growth on this incredible path that we all travel together called yoga.
Namaste,  Mary

Christine copyFrom Christine…
It was May 23rd, 2013. I didn’t even get past the subject that said, “Christine/Teaching.” It was an email from Marina. I ran around my house jumping, giggling like a 16 year old girl that just got asked to the prom by her biggest crush! That is NO exaggeration. You can ask my husband, he witnessed the whole thing. I was astonished and so thankful that Marina had thought of me joining her team. I Love Mind Body Flow Yoga and I have since the day it opened. I am overjoyed with the opportunity to teach here.
The last year has been amazing. My favorite part of teaching is seeing everybody grow, moving from “there is no way I’m ever going to be able to do that” to “OH MY, I’m doing it!!” The Mind Body Flow community is full of amazing and wonderful people, which I get to guide through moving meditation every week. You can’t beat that! I love this practice; I love Mind Body Flow Yoga, and most of all I love the community, all of you have made this past year for me extraordinary. Here’s to many more years of love, light, sweat and bliss.

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