Studio Owner Note for July 2015

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Marina Mukandala in Happy Baby pose.
Marina Mukandala in Happy Baby pose.


Words of Wisdom:

“Take rest; a field that has rested gives a bountiful crop.” ~Ovid

Thoughts for July:

Slow down.
Take care of yourself.
These words of encouragement are ones that I hear daily from friends, family, and students in our MBFY community, now being in the homestretch of my pregnancy.
This love and genuine concern means so much to me. But, it also makes me ponder something and that is, “Why is it that I often feel the need to pack it all in, as my pregnancy draws to a close, rather than slow down more?” “Why when we feel that time is of the essence are we wired to push more, rather than create more ease?”
I’d argue that we often strive to control the many components of our life, versus reminding ourselves that Rome wasn’t built in a day and that there is much to be gained through resting, slowing down, and letting go of working to pack it all in.
It happens a lot at this time of the year. The cold weather shifts to hot weather. The routine of a school year shifts to children being home for the summer months and parents working to keep their child(ren) occupied with activities.
Suddenly, we feel the need to pack it all in. From gardening, to vacations, to visiting friends or relatives who live a distance away, etc..
In the winter, it’s easy, almost expected that we move slower. But, once summer is upon us, it’s as if we place greater expectations on ourselves and are in a race of sorts to “get it all in.”
Before we know it, our time on the mat is neglected and we’ve tipped the scale heavily towards moving fast, versus slowing down and remembering the importance of making time for ourselves and our practice.
We know summer is short here in Western New York. So, yes, it’s important to savor it, cherish it, take a vacation, visit friends/relatives, and make the most of it. But, equally important not to let the savoring, cherishing, and making the most of it turn into an overload of “go, go, go.”
Be sure to make time to slow down as well. Trust that this summer will be all that it’s meant to be and give yourself permission to let your check-list take a backseat sometimes.
Get on your mat. Make time to slow down and breathe. For each and every “Slow down,” “Take care of yourself,” and “Rest,” that I hear during this homestretch of my pregnancy, I am reminded that it’s okay to do just that and to put my check-list/nesting to the side.
Allow yourself to do the same. Slow down. Take care of yourself. Rest. For it is from this place of ease, that everything else in your life will fall into its natural place.
Love & Light,
About the Image:
Marina Mukandala, is featured in this newsletter issue in happy baby pose (Ananda Balasana).  The benefits of Ananda Balasana are as follows:

  • Opens and stretches the hips
  • Stretches the inner groins
  • Lengthens and helps to realign the spine
  • Calms the mind and relieves stress
  • Strengthens the arms and shoulders
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