200-Hour Teacher Training Program


Whether you want to enhance your yoga practice — or teach and inspire others — our 200-Hour Teacher Training Program is your opportunity to achieve your goals.

Make sure to first fill out the teacher training 2019 application form first.

Get ready to learn, grow and thrive

In each class, you’ll gain new perspective and valuable abilities. Throughout the course, we’ll guide you through a core set of in-depth lessons, including:

  • Asana
  • Meditation
  • Practice-teaching
  • Practice-hands-on assisting
  • Self-discovery

You’ll also forge lifelong connections with your classmates, as you create a strong, uplifting community.

The Mind Body Flow difference: more skills, more confidence

Most yoga schools only show you what to teach. At Mind Body Flow Yoga, we teach you the why and the how. Our course is carefully designed to give you the knowledge, insight and confidence you need to keep taking your practice to the next level and — if you choose — to teach classes as a powerful leader and impactful instructor.

At Mind Body Flow, you’ll get the in-depth tools and hands-on experience to empower you as a future teacher, a skilled yogi, and a leader in your community. This is your life — and your opportunity to shine.