Setting up for yoga class

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Once you’re signed in to your yoga class, it’s time to set up your mat, settle in and get ready for a great class.

Put away your personal items

We have shelves, cubbies and hooks at the front of the studio (when you first walk in) and in the back room. Most people leave their personal items in one of these areas.

Silence your phone or watch

If you brought a phone or you’re wearing a smartwatch, please put it on do not disturb so it doesn’t beep, buzz or ding during class.

Set up your yoga mat

Everyone in class faces the same way, toward the front of the class. (The “front” of the class is the wall at the back of the studio; in other words, you’ll be facing away from the door.) And if you need to rent a yoga mat, just ask your instructor.

Where should I set up my mat?

Put your mat wherever you’re most comfortable. There are no assigned spots. Here are some thoughts on different areas of class:

  • Middle of the class — this is actually where we recommend that new students set up, since you’ll be able to watch other students for reference, whether you’re in a forward-facing pose or a pose where you’re looking behind you (like downward dog)
  • Back of the class — many new students set up here, since they’re more comfortable having everyone else in front of them; it’s normal to be self-conscious, just remember that everyone here was new at one point
  • Front of the class — being in front means there are fewer people in front of you, which may help you focus on your practice; don’t be afraid to try being up front, where you just might gain a new perspective
  • Next to the wall — being near a wall lets you use it for support, if needed (just don’t get too close — makes sure you have at least an arm’s length between you and the wall, if possible)

What if someone is next to me?

Part of what makes yoga class great is that we practice as a community. That means that someone else’s mat may be close to yours – especially if a large number of people show up for class. Remember that everyone is in class for the same reason — to get all the benefits of yoga. So make room, and feel free to introduce yourself — or not — it’s totally up to you. We promise you’ll have enough room to do your practice.

Use the restroom

There is a single-user restroom in the back of the yoga studio that you can use before, during or after class. You can also use this room as a changing room, if needed.

Get a yoga block and strap, if needed

Complimentary yoga blocks and straps for you to use during class are available on the shelf in the back of the studio. A yoga block and strap can help you get into various poses, whether you’re a beginner or more advanced. Your yoga instructor may tell you during class when it’s a good time to use a block or strap, but feel free to use one whenever it feels right for you. (Of course, you’re welcome to bring your own yoga block and strap if you prefer.)

Yoga block

  • Use one or two — whatever you prefer (some people like having one for each side)
  • Great for additional support in certain poses

Yoga strap

  • Helps extend the reach of your arms in certain poses

Get a towel

Complimentary towels for you to use during class are located on the shelf in the back of the studio. These are small towels, meant for wiping the sweat from your face or arms during class. Of course, you’re welcome to bring your own hand towel if you prefer. (If you want a yoga towel that covers your mat, we recommend purchasing one from a sporting goods store.)
For everyone’s safety and health, please do not use the hand towels to wipe off your mat after class (we have complimentary water, tea tree oil and paper towels for cleaning your mat).
After class, you can put your used towel in the hamper, which is also located in the back of the studio.
Please contact us if you have any questions. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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