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I always feel wonderful after the classes I attend both in mind and body...
James B.
Friendly, encouraging, non-judgements community. All instructors are willing to help better yourself.
Amanda H.
This place is awesome. I have have been to many yoga studios and gyms and mind body and flow is the best!!! I would highly recommend it to anyone. It is a great place not only for the body but most importantly for the mind.
Kelly T.

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June 15th

Fundamentals of Inversions Workshop

June 22nd

LIVE Music VInyasa with Lauren Eastlack

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[VIDEO] Letting Perfection Go

How do you take a breath in the hard times in life and find the silver lining? Rebecca McCormick shares her story.


Soften Into The Unexpected

There is power in waiting. It is not just an excuse not to take action. Waiting gives us access to creating the life we want.

Featured Students

[VIDEO] Learning to Fly

How do you take flight when your wings have been clipped and your life’s experiences weight you down with little space to breath. Christian Ferullo shares his story.

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