Naryan Padmanabha

Hailing from Western New York, Naryan Padmanabha has been performing across the U.S. for over 15 years.  His instrument of choice is the sitar, a stringed instrument from India with an ancient design.

Naryan playing the sitar
Naryan playing the sitar

Naryan creates sounds of beauty and mystery through the sitar.  A sound palette which perfectly compliments your vinyasa practice.
Naryan first played for Mind Body Flow Yoga on December 28th in one of our Live Music Vinyasa Yoga classes.

Here’s a taste of Naryan on the sitar.

See How Naryan’s Music Blends with Your Flow

As you can imagine, we all loved him and his music.   So much in fact that we had to have Naryan back for an encore performance the next month.


Here’s what students had to say about Naryan’s debut at Mind Body Flow Yoga.

Having Naryan Padmanabha on sitar to help with our practice was a unique, transporting experience, on top of exceptional physical and spiritual instruction from Marina.
The sitar was as perfect as it can be for a yoga practice.
It helped me concentrate on my own practice and brought me to somewhere to the mountain tops of Himalayas (where I have never been).
The music was a perfect match for the yoga practice!
I really enjoyed it!  His music ebbed and flowed with our flow!
Hypnotic and beautiful.  Really loved it.

Download tons of free music from Naryan’s websites to sample his sounds:

So, what instrument do you love to move to? Share your favorite in the comments below.

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