Yoga Teacher Erica Schrimmel
Erica Schrimmel

I first dabbled in yoga during my undergraduate studies, to relieve stress. I joined a gym and ended up taking just about every class…except yoga. However, the gym lit a spark and within two years, I was working there as a certified personal trainer and later a Pilates instructor. I did eventually take some yoga classes, and occasionally would throw something together as a last minute sub, but what lied ahead wasn’t even on my visual horizon.

Fast forward four years, I taught at various gyms and at one time or another, was certified to teach everything from indoor cycling to Zumba to BodyPump. I took a one-day yoga training and for awhile that was fine with me. As time went on, I was asked to teach yoga more and more, and I stumbled across YogaFit, who was offering a local Level One training in February 2015, and thought it would be good to take and stop there. Something about that training just clicked with me and I quickly was in my path to my 200 RYT, which I completed in August 2016.

Yoga is something that changed me from the inside out. I’m not perfect, but I learned through yoga, that I can let my light shine brightly. Yoga launched me into getting my Masters in Nutrition in 2016 and my License in Massage Therapy later this 2018. I love to learn and explore and am currently taking my time working through my 500 RYT. Yoga allows me to let go and take time out of my busy life to just be, and just be me, exactly as I am. It’s created a new lifestyle for me, and proven to be a great compliment to my running.

Every day welcomes new chances to share my light with those around me, and I look forward to sharing my light with Mind Body Flow Yoga.

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