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The Mind Body Flow Yoga team is our foundation.It is made up of passionate and inspired instructors with a common focus on guiding students along their yoga journey. While sharing their knowledge and love of yoga, each instructor maintains a balanced and calm class environment. From a slower paced Foundation Flow class to a challenging Open Flow class, the team keeps centered around the needs of the student, their experience, and their individual growth.Read more on our team’s personal journey and awakenings to the yoga practice below.

Marina Mukandala


It’s been my dream for as long as I can remember to one day open up a yoga studio and touch as many lives as possible with the life-changing practice of yoga.

Rebecca Greiner


I sought out yoga in my teenage years to learn relaxation and how to reduce anxiety. I began practicing with videos at home, at my local gym, and then explored various studios in the Western New York area.

Angela Castlevetere


I first came to yoga as a young mom of three children under the age of three. My practice was sporadic at best, squeezing time in at any studio or the gym I belonged to, that had a class offered at a time that I was free.

Carly Brown


I hope that people taking my classes will find the experience both harder and easier than they expect. Harder because I challenge students to stretch beyond what they think they can do — both literally and figuratively — and easier because I support and cheer them on throughout the process.

Amanda Muldoon


Yoga was originally a supplement to my running.  I sought it out as a way to be nimble and quick.  It didn’t take long for me to realize that it would completely change my life. 

Samantha Brennan


I started practicing yoga while studying for my undergraduate degree in Biology at my college’s fitness center. I used it as a way to find peace, relaxation, and clarity from studying and the chaos of daily life.

Erica Schrimmel


I first dabbled in yoga during my undergraduate studies, to relieve stress. I joined a gym and ended up taking just about every class…except yoga.

Sheri Curry


My yoga journey started in 2013 when a friend introduced me to a Power Yoga Vinyasa class. Like many, I went for the physical benefits. I used yoga as an outlet for my active lifestyle.

Ashley Scapillato

SUB Instructor

I began practicing yoga during my undergraduate career at John Carroll and fell in love with hot flow three years ago.


We are bringing something completely new to the studio in 2019

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