How Yoga Helps You To Love Better

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Words of Wisdom:

“Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.” ~Mother Teresa

Blog - Marina's Mukandala's Note For February
Marina Mukandala in Shanti Virabhadrasana (Peaceful Warrior).

Thoughts for February:

As we move into February, I can’t help but to think about Valentine’s Day, as it holds special memories for me.
In 2001, me and my husband’s first official “off-campus” date (we are college sweethearts) was on Valentine’s Day. Nine years later, in 2010, we learned on the morning of Valentine’s Day that we were going to become parents.
But, even deeper than these special memories, I can’t help but to think about love in general and how it relates to our yoga practice.
In yoga, as in love, the trick is allowing the process to happen.

In the space of love, we allow the process to happen as we embrace each other’s

  • mistakes,
  • unforeseen expectations
  • and weaknesses.

In the space of love, there is a level of surrendering to the process and accepting someone for all that they are and all that they aren’t…be it a spouse, relative, or friend.
We do this every time we step on our mat as well.
We allow the process to happen.
We work at accepting our practice for all that it is and all that it isn’t, for that given day.
This process is often met with challenges that we perhaps didn’t even know we were holding onto by way of

  • expectations,
  • weaknesses,
  • and emotions

Much shows up for us on the mat and embracing the process of it all is powerful and is what helps us to grow in self-love.  In return, we are better able to return love to others.
To walk through life in love with your chosen partner, a relative, or a friend, requires a deeper look and daily practice of self-love and allowing the process to happen.
Our yoga practice allows us to experience this love.
It allows us to surrender to the process and to grow from it.
Love life, love your practice, and most importantly, love yourself and others this Valentine’s Day and everyday.
~ Marina

About the Image:
Marina Mukandala, is featured in this newsletter issue in Shanti Virabhadrasana (Peaceful Warrior). The benefits of Peaceful Warrior pose are as follows:

  • Improves back flexibility and reduces back pain
  • Strengthens your feet, legs, and abdomen muscles
  • Opens the hips
  • Stretches the arms
  • Lengthens and stretches the torso and spine

Join the conversation and comment below.
How does love show up for you on your mat? What connected with you the most? Did I miss anything?

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