Are You Exhausted? Hope and Resilience from Unexpected Places

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Do not confuse my bad days as a sign of weakness.  Those are actually the days I am fighting my hardest.


Have you ever been exhausted?

I know – you’re probably thinking – is that a trick question, Marina?

I’m asked daily by a multitude of people, “How are you?” I’ll admit, I often respond with a smile and “I’m good,” as I try hard to speak into existence what I want to declare for myself, which is that of positive energy. But there are some days, truthfully, where I am flat out exhausted.

Between being a wife, a mother of three children (ages 9, 6, and 4), owning and running a yoga studio, and the demands of my husband’s career – I know what it’s like to be tired – and not just in the physical sense.

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The truth is, we all experience exhaustion. Every single one of us.

By a certain age, we all have experienced broken hearts, aching souls, and a desperate search for fulfillment.

  • We want more, but we’re too tired to pursue it.
  • We’re sick of where we are, but we are too scared to begin again.
  • We need to take risks, but we’re too afraid to watch it all come crashing down around us.

We think we’re alone in our exhaustion, but the truth is we’re not.

We all know how impossible it can feel to go on trying, giving, and becoming, when you are exhausted straight through to the soul.

We all know how it feels to be tired of your attempts and at your wit’s end – because there’s something we all loathe to admit – and that’s that none of us are inspired every day. Some days, I for one, am moving in so many directions that I often have to re-center myself when it’s time to show up to teach and serve the students in my class.

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We all get exhausted.

We all get discouraged.

And we’re allowed to work through those feelings.

In working through those feelings we remember that there is hope.

Just because you feel beaten down, worn out, and exhausted in life, doesn’t mean you’re not making a change or a difference.

Every person you have ever admired has had times where they felt utterly defeated in the pursuit of their dreams. But, that didn’t prevent them from reaching them. You’re allowed to stumble slowly towards your biggest transformations. It doesn’t always have to be a blazing, full-throttle affair.

When I am exhausted, I am reminded time and time again that we are all more resilient than we think – and that’s an indisputable truth.

There is always more love that we are capable of giving, more hope that we are capable of having, and more passion that we are capable of unleashing into the world.

In times of exhaustion, I am also reminded of faith. It’s in moments when I feel like I’m completely drowning that I know God is doing great work in my heart.

I believe that God is always calling us into deeper waters – pulling us where we can no longer touch the bottom of the ocean or control our steps. I’m reminded that when I let go and let God take control, I’m in the safest place possible.

I want to encourage you with this:

  • When you are tired, be kind to yourself and gentle with yourself.
  • When you are tired, rest.
  • When you are tired, do things that nourish your spirit and embody self-care.

When you are tired, it may be a sign that it’s time to pause, reflect, and re-evaluate and re-prioritize certain things in your life – allow yourself to go slowly, quietly, and timidly.

You are tired because you’re making a change and growing. Keep putting one foot in front of the other and keep breathing – because someday, that growth will give way to the exact transformation that you need.

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