Go to the Edge and Leap

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"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone."

Neale Donald Walsch
I’ll never forget when I first came across the above quote. I had placed a lunch order at the O3 Cafe, in Snyder, and was browsing around next door in Everything Elmwood, while my order was being prepared. I came across a variety of mugs that had quotes embedded on them. This quote in particular, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone,” caught my eye and stuck with me. I began wondering why most of us never even realize the limitations that our comfort zone imposes on us. I often say in class that it’s when you’re feeling the burn or sensation in a pose, that the posture is actually just beginning. It’s when we are placed outside of our comfort zone that shift and transformation truly occurs.
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This notion may make you feel a little uneasy, particularly if you tend to cling tightly to your comfort zone and don’t live life to its fullest as a result.

When we’re in our 20’s for example, we may take some chances, but they’re usually not life-changing or even very well thought out, given the fact that we may still be a bit immature.

Suddenly, we’re in our 30’s and start to reflect somewhat on what we have done with our lives up to this point, or maybe an opportunity arises that would offer us something significant. We entertain taking the chance or stepping out into the unknown, but often justify not doing it by telling ourselves, “I”m still young and have my whole life to do this,” or something similar. We then dismiss the momentary regret or opportunity and return to our comfort zone.

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What happens next? Another 10 or more years may pass by before we have another reason to consider something different – something outside of our comfort zone.

Many of us don’t even become aware of the fact that we played it safe our whole life, or have never really taken a chance on a dream we have or had, and never stepped outside of our comfort zone at all, until we’re in our 40’s, 50’s, or perhaps older. Then we look back and wish we could live those years over again and perhaps do things differently, take more chances, live more courageously, or be more successful.

As I often say in class though, “It’s not too late! As long as you have your moving, being, and breath – it is never too late! You are never too old to start all over from scratch.” No matter your age, look inside yourself and get to the core of whatever it is you “wish” you had done or accomplished. Then, set the intention to step outside of your comfort zone and go after it. Start the business of your dreams, get on that airplane, take that trip thousands of miles from home, find the love of your life, etc. Stop sitting at home wishing things were different or sitting at your job hating every second of it, or never taking a trip outside of your own backyard.

Absolutely – the thought of trying something new, different, or pursuing a dream can be very scary and uncomfortable. But, until you muster the courage to bury your fears and go for it, you’ll be sitting at an old age no farther ahead than you are now still wishing you had done things differently.

Fear is nothing more than something we all create in our minds. When you look fear in the face, push through it, and take the action you are afraid of taking, the fear will dissipate. The more you face fear, the less it will surface.

I say all the time that I opened Mind Body Flow Yoga to help change lives. I want to encourage people to live life to the fullest (both on and off the mat). It took me years to actually take this leap of faith and start pursuing my dream. Every fear that I have ever looked in the face and pushed through, has given me more confidence and courage than I ever thought I was capable of having.

Life is supposed to be fulfilling, not lacking. You’ll find when you step outside of your comfort zone, that everything changes and life is what it’s meant to be.

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