Gina Newlin on the Power of AcroYoga

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It should be quite obvious at this point that yoga is my passion and that I love to share it.
My journey thus far with yoga has, I believe, made it easier for me to be open to possibilities, play more, and have fun in more areas of my life.
As an AcroYoga instructor and yogic dancer, you can say Gina Newlin knows a thing or two about being open to possibilities, making play a part of her life and letting her passion take flight.

AcroYoga instructor Gina Newlin of Green Lotus Yoga
AcroYoga instructor Gina Newlin of Green Lotus Yoga

I was so thrilled to speak with Gina Newlin, AcroYoga instructor and owner of Green Locust Yoga. As you listen to this interview, you’ll see that Gina is definitely THE person to speak with on all things AcroYoga.
Hear how Gina discovered AcroYoga, used yoga to heal from a childhood dance injury, mixes yoga and dance and how yogic dance is different from AcroYoga. She also spoke on a masseuse’s view of Thai massage, the lost element of play in all of our lives, yoga’s impact on her relationships and perspective on life.
Gina and her boys at play
Gina and her boys at play

Listen to the conversation and then make sure to register to meet Gina Newlin and experience AcroYoga with a loved one (friends count) this Valentines.

Click here to download the mp3 file to your desktop.
In this interview you’ll hear about (min:sec):
1. Gina’s discovery of yoga (00:48)
2. An Inspirational Story of Healing (04:01)
3. Impact of Yoga in Gina’s Life (05:34)
4. Falling in love with AcroYoga (07:56)
5. What is AcroYoga and how it’s so special (10:15)
6. What attracts men to AcroYoga (13:54)
7. Why Thai massage is awesome (16:07)
8. Gina’s Transformation with AcroYoga (20:53)
9. Fun with AcroYoga regardless of your yoga style (24:26)
10. Mixing yoga with dance (28:00)
11. What sets AcroYoga apart from other styles of yoga (31:30)
12. Biggest gift from yoga in Gina’s life (33:22)
13. Working with injury and pregnancy (37:35)
14. Valentines Playshop Details (40:55)
15. Learn more about Gina (41:22)


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What was the thing that stood out most to you about what Gina shares in this interview?
For me, it was the part about how her yoga journey made possibilities a “focal point” of her life.
You? Leave a comment below.


Interview-with-Gina-Newlin-950x530We will have the pleasure of welcoming Gina to our studio for a Valentines Playshop.
Come and meet Gina and have a guaranteed unique Valentines experience with a loved one (friends count).
Register here before February 11th for the early bird special!

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