What (and When) to Eat or Drink Before Yoga Class

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In power yoga, you’ll be stretching and moving — and sweating, of course (especially in the classesthat move at a steadier pace). The key to a great class is to eat something light beforehand; you want something that you can easily digest and will satisfy your hunger, without weighing you down. As always, please contact us if you have specific questions about what to eat or drink.

Have a light meal or snack an hour or two before class

We typically recommend having a light meal at least two to three hours before class starts. This way, you’ll have the energy for class, and you’ll have time to digest your food before class starts. Of course, even if you don’t have much time before class, you still may want to have something light, so you’re not practicing on a full stomach.

Good foods to eat before class

  • Fruit
  • Yogurt
  • Crackers

Foods to avoid before class

  • Anything too heavy
  • Thick or oily foods
  • Foods that may cause digestive issues

Avoid heavy meals before class

Remember, you’re going to be in poses that may involve twisting, hopping, stretching and having your head below your waist. If you’re too full, you may feel sluggish when you’re trying to bend and stretch into the different poses.

Stay hydrated

It’s important to drink water — before, during and after class. Power yoga is a workout — you will sweat. Plus, our studio is heated (typically to 85-90 degrees) which means you’re going to sweat even more.
Drinking water before class will help ensure that you’re not lightheaded or dehydrated while practicing. (And yes, you can always use the restroom before, during or after class.) Remember to drink lots of water after class, too, to replenish all of the fluids you’ve lost.

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