Health & Safety Update: COVID-19

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Article last updated: March 16th, 2020.

Due to the new COVID-19 mandate, Mind Body Flow Yoga will be forced to close its doors indefinitely today – effective at 8:00 PM. The 6:00 PM Open Flow class will be our last class of the day today (Monday, March 16th). We will be closed until further notice from Governor Cuomo as to when the operating ban on small businesses and gyms will be lifted.

We are in the process of working on bringing live-stream/online classes to you during our closure. Please bear with us as we work on this. Check here for updates or sign up for email updates.

We are in this together. It is your love and support that has and will continue to be our fuel. We want to extend our deepest gratitude to all of you for your Mind Body Flow Yoga loyalty and love.

Please continue to interact with us during this hiatus. Let us know you are as eager for us to re-open as we are to have you back in class with us. Let us know that you may have gone away, but that you are not leaving. Send us a text, an email, a Facebook and/or Instagram comment every now and then. We’d love to hear from you and stay connected. It will keep us lifted up more than you can imagine during this challenging time.

We also would deeply appreciate your prayers for the financial sustainability of our beloved Mind Body Flow Yoga studio during this time. If you would like to help, please consider buying your yoga now, or a gift card, to help us get through the financial hit of having to close indefinitely. Your membership is what can help Mind Body Flow Yoga open for business once again.

May we all remain healthy and at ease. I love you all. Thank you and God bless you all.

“The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.”
-Coretta Scott King

Love and light,


Maintaining a safe and welcoming environment has always been a top priority for Mind Body Flow Yoga. As our community begins to feel the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19), Mind Body Flow Yoga is taking extra precautions to keep our students and staff healthy, and to ensure that the space in which you love to practice in stays as clean as possible.

In an effort to do so, we are:

  • Mopping the studio floors daily with disinfectant.
  • Disinfecting all handles, doorknobs, and common surfaces throughout each day.
  • Providing disinfectant wipes on the shelf in the back of the studio – as supplies become available.
  • Providing hand sanitizer at the front desk and at the table near the coat hooks (next to the Kleenex) – as supplies become available.
  • Our bathroom soap dispenser will continue to be antibacterial hand soap.
  • Temporary removal of rental yoga mats – please remember to bring your own yoga mat to class.
  • Temporary removal of yoga props (blocks and straps) – please remember to bring your own block and/or strap to class.
  • Limiting class sizes to 12 students. Effective immediately and for the time being, advanced sign up will be required for classes, so we can ensure that class sizes are kept to no more than 12 students.
  • As our teacher training program wraps up – we are requiring assisting teacher trainees to apply hand sanitizer to their hands before laying hands on each student (MBFY teachers will do this as well during this time – should they assist). Receiving hands-on assists is completely optional. Please kindly decline hands-on assists if you do not wish to be assisted.

While we do our part to keep the studio safe and clean, we ask that you please do yours as well. We know how important your yoga practice at Mind Body Flow Yoga is to you – please let’s work together to ensure we can continue to make it happen with the following measures:

  • KEEP YOUR YOGA MAT AND PROPS CLEAN. If you rent/use a community mat or prop, we ask that you sanitize them thoroughly with the provided disinfects on the shelf in the back of the studio (use Tea Tree Oil and/or disinfectant wipes). 
  • COVER YOUR COUGH OR SNEEZE. Cover your mouth with a tissue when you cough or sneeze or use the inside of your elbow. Do not cough or sneeze into mid-air or your hands. Throw used tissues into the trash and wash your hands immediately after, or use hand-sanitizer.
  • STAY EDUCATED. Up-to-date information from the CDC website can be found here.

We encourage everyone to continue to care for themselves and the others we share our practice with, in our beautiful space. We appreciate your understanding, your support, and your diligence during this time.

We are in this together. We can let seasons of uncertainty drive us to fear – focused only on what’s right in front of us, or we can use them as fuel. This season will not last forever.

Think to your own past: how many times have your challenges become turning points and launch pads for opportunities?

As Christine Caine says, you may feel like you’re being buried, but you’re just being planted to grow. May we continue to practice kindness, shine our light, and love others.

We look forward to continuing to see you in class!

Love and light,

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