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I’ve never done yoga and am not flexible. Is that a problem?

The great thing about yoga is that you are free to develop your own individual practice.  Every pose taught in class can be modified to fit your own physical ability.  For example, if a pose calls for touching your toes and you can’t, then you can touch your shins or your knees instead – the most important thing is that you are challenging your own personal edge, wherever that edge is.

It’s been a very long time since I’ve worked out. Can I do yoga?

You should consult with a physician before undertaking a new workout regiment if you have any concerns.  If you are new to yoga, start out with our Foundations Flow class.  If at any time during the practice you need to take a break, simply come out of the pose, take a resting posture to regroup (such as child pose), catch your breath, and come back into the pose when you feel ready.  As your stamina improves, you will become more comfortable with your ability to do the postures.  You’ll be amazed at the transformations that will occur, if you stick to it and challenge your physical and mental capabilities.

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