Notes on MBFY Back to Basics Workshop

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Screen Shot 2014-11-01 at 8.36.29 AMOn Saturday, October 25th, we held a Back to the Basics Workshop at the studio. This workshop was co-taught by myself and MBFY instructor, Carrie Strangis. All of our yogis had fun and walked away with a deeper knowledge and understanding of alignment and form within asanas (poses).
One can never have enough of taking it back to the fundamentals that build this powerful practice. Carrie and I walked away from this workshop inspired by everyone’s excitement and willingness to educate themselves on the building blocks that inform their practice. The breakthroughs were many and were such a joy to witness.
Read more about what our yogis had to say about this workshop..

I liked the partner activity. It was helpful having someone watch and critique you while doing the pose. The one-on-one helps. The hands-on assistance by both Marina and Carrie, I always find helpful.

Building each pose from the ground up was great!

I really enjoyed the workshop overall.

I so enjoyed the way either Marina or Carrie demonstrated the pose while the other explained it.

It was really helpful seeing the poses incorrectly and then as it should be.

Learning the true north alignment was very helpful and how it relates to all the poses-amazing.

This workshop really was what I wanted and needed it to be.

I truly have to say thank you to both Marina and Carrie. After the first class I attended at the studio, I thought I’m never going to be able to do this. But, with Carrie’s encouragement each week in foundation flow class, and your encouraging me to attend the workshops, I feel I can really do this. You both have make me feel like this is were I belong and in turn more confident in everyday life! You both rock!

Learning correct form was my favorite part about this workshop.

I loved how each pose was broken down to us!

I had a great experience at this workshop and I love the hands on assistance. It really helps!

Learning the root for each pose was my favorite part about this workshop.

Great knowledgeable instructors!

Thank you all who attended, and even if you missed it, we offer many different workshops throughout the year.  Please check out the Mind Body Flow Yoga events page for upcoming workshops.
Is there a workshop that you would love to see us do? Let me know below.

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