Our Mission

Help everyone we connect with to bring peace to their mind, through a connection with their body so that they can flow through life with greater ease. We believe this will remove blocks and allow our community to spread creativity, impact, potential and purpose.
Mind Body Flow Yoga Picture Day

Our Philosophy

These are the five core beliefs that we hold here at Mind Body Flow Yoga when it comes to our students and community:

  • You are wonderfully made. This gives you tremendous value and worth
  • You are powerful. This gives you unmeasurable potential and influence
  • You are creative. This gives you the inner resources to be influential
  • You are inspirational. This gives you impact in your relationships and community
  • You are driven by vision and hope. This gives you the ability to fail forward

Everyone inherently strives to discover their greatest potential and yoga can help get around the clutter in this pursuit.
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Our Approach

We believe the best practical way to help you get from under the clutter is to do three critical things:

  • Give you a space to explore what you can do
  • Give you a community of people to share your experience with
  • Give you a healthy and honest dose of encouragement

For any of this to mean anything though we need you to show up, mentally and physically, while you’re with us.

Do the work. Surprise yourself.