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We are a local power yoga Buffalo, NY studio focused on bringing peace to your mind, through connecting you with your body, to flow through life with greater ease. We do this by creating a space to inspire positive transformation for our students and our  yoga community. 

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What Students Say!

I always feel wonderful after the classes I attend both in mind and body...
James B.
Friendly, encouraging, non-judgements community. All instructors are willing to help better yourself.
Amanda H.
This place is awesome. I have have been to many yoga studios and gyms and mind body and flow is the best!!! I would highly recommend it to anyone. It is a great place not only for the body but most importantly for the mind.
Kelly T.

Upcoming Events

December 18th

LIVE Music Vinyasa
with Sara Rogers

December 4th – 5th

A Special Workshop
with Pino Rizzi

December 18th

LIVE Music Vinyasa
with Sara Rogers

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New Year’s Intentions

New year resolutions encourage change. We can sometimes forget that like our yoga practice – change is a gradual practice.  It’s a process that is cultivated with time, effort, and patience.  

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