Yoga Inversion Workshop

On Sunday, August 18th, we continued our yoga workshop series, with our yoga Inversion workshop. This workshop was co-taught by Marina and Tarah, and a great time was had by all who attended. It was so powerful to see the many breakthroughs that happened in those two hours, as students pushed past their fears and went for it, by trying a variety of headstands and other inversions for the very first time.

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By the end of the workshop, everyone had attempted to move from a headstand to a wheel pose, and from wheel pose to camel pose.  Students walked away with a deeper understanding of True North Alignment and how it plays into all inversions.

Our yoga workshop series will continue in the months ahead. So, if you missed this Inversion workshop, be sure to attend future workshops. It will help deepen your practice in a profound way. See calendar at

Here are some pictures from our inversion workshop.

See what students had to say about the inversion workshop…

*Hands on assistance was great.

*The individual attention for each pose was so helpful.

*The workshop size was great. If the workshops started getting much bigger, it wouldn’t be as helpful. So, as MBFY grows, I think a limit should be put on the number of attendees.

*You guys are great! You helped my confidence so much. I really feel like I learned and grew a lot in my practice today!

*I really loved the fact that each pose was taught in steps. This was helpful to me, because it showed me how I could progress through those steps in order to someday complete the entire pose. Rather than, being made to think, “If I don’t have it now, how will I get there?”

*I enjoyed the instructor participation. Seeing you guys struggle at times and admit that you’re still working on a particular pose was very inspiring.

*Trying new and scary poses in front of the group was inspiring….. Watching people grow and step out of their comfort zone was very powerful.

*I loved working with a partner and having the chance to encourage someone and watch them grow.

*I think it would be fun to have a little time after the workshop to chat and meet the other participants.

*Marina and Tarah, you ladies were so wonderful and encouraging throughout the entire workshop! I am so very thankful to have been a part of it.

*Can’t wait for another workshop. I truly enjoyed every single minute. Although, I was probably only successful in one or two inversions, I now know the steps that are needed to get me there sooner or later. I have a true appreciation for the “practice” of yoga and understand the concept of True North, to keep me balanced.

*Loved the encouragement and support from instructors and peers throughout the entire workshop.

*Everything seemed to run smoothly…can’t think of anything that needed improvement.

*Thank you for your time. Our time is so valuable to us and it makes me feel valued that you both took time out of your day to instruct and encourage. It was definitely appreciated.

What kind of workshop would you like to see us do? Comment below and let us know.