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Get Confidence in Incorporating Inversions into Your Practice

When you hop forward to the top of your mat or back into chaturanga, do you feel heavy and clumsy, instead of light?

Are you curious about handstand, but don't know where to begin, how to feel light in the pose, or how to achieve a sense of "air time" in the pose?

In this workshop, you will learn the basics of hopping forward, hopping into chaturanga, and the basics of handstands - beginning with the foundation/true north alignment.

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Learn How To Execute Postures with Proper Alignment

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You will learn how to safely approach a handstand through understanding the importance of alignment, hand placement, and the core. We will explore different ways of entering handstands, and you will walk away with tips and insights to begin and/or continue your handstand journey.

We will help you overcome fear and provide you with tools to access feeling lighter/more air time.

Join us for this exciting workshop! You are ready NOW! This workshop will be co-taught by Marina and Molly. Cost is $25 per person. Advanced sign-up is required for head-count purposes.

Learn How To Execute Postures with Proper Alignment

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Join us for a memorable experience

  • I was amazed at how focused I felt during the workshop, so much so that I was surprised when it seemed to end early (but it had been 2 hours!).