2013 Mind Body Flow Yoga Inversion Workshop-003

2013 Inversion Workshop

On Sunday, August 18th, we continued our yoga workshop series, with our yoga Inversion workshop. This workshop was co-taught by Marina and Tarah. It was so powerful to see the many breakthroughs as students pushed past their fears and went for it, by trying a variety of inversions for the very first time.

Girl Scouts Yoga Class

Kids Yoga Class With The Girl Scouts

It was with great pleasure that Mind Body Flow Yoga welcomed another Girl Scout troop to the studio, on April 20th. This marked the 3rd Girl Scout troop that has joined us for a private kids yoga class. The girls enjoyed a yoga class, followed by a healthy snack food demo, provided by Fit-n-Fresh Catering. A wonderful time was had by all.

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1 Year Anniversary Event

We had a fantastic time with our yoga peeps.

Live Music Yoga-One Year Anniversary-001

1 Year Anniversary Live Music Yoga Class

This was an awesome Live Music! Yoga class with quite a few surprises. See the photos.

130223_Meditation Class-005

2013 Heartfelt Meditation Class

On February 23rd, we held our first ever meditation class. Guest Instructor, Susan Pleskow, lead students through a basic over-view of meditation and dissected the myths and confusion that often lie around meditation versus relaxation.

Hands-on posture workshop

2013 Hands-On Posture Workshop

Guest Instructor, Mary Beth, created an incredible experience through her talented use of touch and physical adjustment.  Mary Beth guided our yoga students to new levels in their personal practice.  Her hands-on assistance gave all who attended a new perspective on their familiar poses, a deeper understanding of alignment and put new energy into their practice.

Backward Bending Workshop

2013 Backward Bending and Balancing Workshop

It was so empowering to watch, as students who had never gotten into wheel pose for instance, made their way into it at this workshop. This workshop was a powerful testament to the fact that amazing things happen when you show up as a “Yes,” and get out of your own way!

Celebrating Firsts with lululemon

Celebrating Firsts with lululemon

This special class focused on inversions and celebrating milestones around them...big and small.  There was an amazing sense of community, empowerment, courage and energy in the room that evening.

Holiday Glow Stick Yoga Jam-004

First Ever Holiday Glow Stick Yoga Jam

we lit up the mat with our first ever holiday jam, as we flowed in the dark to holiday tunes, with glow stick accessories. Not only was this a fun and jolly time at a special time of the year, but it also allowed us to give back at the holiday season.

An evening of yoga with Lyndsey Fryer -035

A Special Evening of yoga with Lyndsey Fryer

Guest Instructor, Lyndsey Fryer, led a 90-minute candlelit slow flow. She infused the courage of a power vinyasa flow with a mindful sequence of poses. They were designed with the intention to help our students slow down during the hectic holiday season. She shared her experiences and inspiration of her time in Kenya with the Africa Yoga Project


Family Fun at the Holidays

Wow, this was such a fun and inspiring class! It was touching to see all the dads, moms, daughters, sons, brothers, sisters and the like coming together to just enjoy each other.

Enjoy the photos from this Family Yoga class. If you were in attendance, let us know your thoughts via our survey and feel free to share your experience and any insights on our Facebook page.


2012 Inversion Workshop

What fun we had, as adults and even children alike, came together and stepped outside of their comfort zone, by exploring challenging arm balances, handstands, and headstands. Students came away from the workshop feeling challenged and proud of themselves for learning new poses and doing things that they didn't think they could do.

121129_Girl Scouts Group Class-026

November Girl Scouts Group Class

We were blessed to have yet another Girl Scout troop join us on November 29th. The girls had a wonderful time and it filled our hearts with joy to see how much they enjoyed doing yoga and learning more about healthy snack alternatives..

121020_Girl Scouts Group Class-026

October Girl Scouts Group Class

We had the pleasure of having a Girl Scout troop at the studio for a private group class, followed by a healthy snack demo, provided by Fit-n-Fresh Catering. The girls had an incredible time and it filled our hearts with joy to see how much they enjoyed doing yoga.

Grand Opening Party Gallery

Here are photos from the Mind Body Flow Yoga studio grand opening party.  The day was so fun from the ribbon cutting ceremony, live band, raffle contest to the plank off challenge.

In Toronto with Baron Baptiste

I had the pleasure and honor of spending this past weekend in Toronto, where myself and hundreds of other yogis, studied with and learned from Yoga Master, Baron Baptiste.