An Evening with Kiersten Mooney


Kiersten is a renowned Baptiste leader. She’s 1 of 14 Senior Baptiste teachers across the world, a Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga Institute Faculty member, has attended 14 programs/trainings as a student, and a multitude of Baptiste programs/trainings as an assistant and facilitator.

She teaches at the Yoga Journal Conferences, has taught at the White House’s Annual Easter Egg Hunt, leads multiple 200hr and 300hr accredited teacher trainings annually, and works closely with the Africa Yoga Project. This will be her 3rd visit to Africa and in April will travel to Kenya for her second time to co-facilitate AYP’s 200-hour teacher training with Paige Elenson and Lisa Taylor.

Gina Newlin on the Power of AcroYoga


Listen to this conversation with Gina Newlin of Green Locust Yoga where she talks about how she discovered AcroYoga, how yoga helped her heal from a childhood injury, mixing yoga with dance, what makes Thai massage so awesome and how yoga has given her a new perspective to live by.

Laura Kiersz Owns Eagle Pose


This month we are so happy to feature Laura Kiersz. She has grown so much in her yoga practice since she started coming to Mind Body Flow Yoga and has shown such a strong commitment to doing the work that matters. You may remember her beautiful Mermaid pose during our fall Mind Body Flow Yoga Picture Day.

Judi Roberts Owns Bird of Paradise Pose


This month Mind Body Flow Yoga newsletter’s featured student is Nicole Peradotto. She is going to demonstrate Running Man aka (Eka Pada Koundinyasana II). This is an arm balancing pose. The resulting shape of the posture will have Nicole low to the ground with her arms bent and her elbows over her wrists. On one side her leg will be be kicked out sideways with the thigh resting on the back of that side’s elbow. On her other side her leg will kick backwards.

10 Favorite Words of Wisdom From Nelson Mandela [Quotes]


When I heard about Mandela’s death, the saddest part of it for me is that my children will never understand the enormity of his life. It’s something that I personally find hard to do. He took a stand for what he knew was right against the prevailing powers of his time and circumstance and won. It is a humbling reality to consider and apply to my own life.