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Carol Maranto owns side plank pose Vasisthasana

Carol Maranto Owns Side Plank Pose

“…or truly experiencing yoga. I was searching for peace. I was searching for relief from my “craziness.” Read the full story behind Carol’s yoga journey.

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Blog - Marina's Mukandala's Note For February - Blog

How Yoga Helps You To Love Better

When we step on our mat there is a level of surrendering to the process. Accepting ourselves for all that we are. This is the same as with love. Read more.

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151030 Marina in Easy Pose Sukhasana-web

Studio Owner Note for November

Tips to keep you grounded and balanced this holiday season. This year keep your inner peace and to be more giving with those who matter most to you.

Rhonda Reid Owns Humble Warrior-Post Featured Image

Rhonda Reid Owns Humble Warrior Pose

“In such a state, I realized that I was not a positive force in anyone’s life, much less my own.” Read the full story behind Rhonda’s yoga journey.