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151101 Stephanie Levy Owns Airplane Pose (Warrior III Pose Virabhadrasana III 1920x1080

Stephanie Levy Owns Airplane Pose

“…I felt like superwoman, but then other days I am flopping all over the place”. See the story behind Stephanie’s yoga journey and share in her practice.

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Marina in Easy Pose

Studio Owner Note for November

Tips to keep you grounded and balanced this holiday season. This year keep your inner peace and to be more giving with those who matter most to you.

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Thanksgiving Word Cloud Website Banner - Female cupped hands cradled by male hands outstretched with a white 'Thanksgiving' word floating above and relevant word cloud on a stone effect background

A Special Thanksgiving Class

Celebrate Thanksgiving with us with a free complimentary yoga class. Bring a canned good and help us make a difference through our practice. See details.